It appears the site may continue to exist in one form or another.  Retaining the site has been the goal of various FSB veterans organizations and individual vets.  The Charlottenburg government has decided it should be retained.  How much of the original structures will remain is yet to be determined.  At this time (May 9, 2012), a developer wants to establish an event venue (presumably the central building), a museum, and shops using the existing buildings.  Reportedly the project will be better defined by the end of this summer.

Bronze Commemorative Plaque A Possibility

We have contacted, without results so far, the developer  seeking permission to place a bronze plaque (click to see a version of the plaque) on one of the buildings.  If he permits us to mount the plaque, donations will be sought via this web site and other sources to cover the $6000 to $8000 cost of casting the plaque and mounting it.

2013 Reunion Update
Replicas of the plaque shown at the link above were placed on Teufelsberg and given to the Allied Museum in Berlin.

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