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Details will be posted here when they become available.  Stay tuned.  Note that some features of this site may be removed until actual reunion time draws closer.

2013 Reunion

The Berlin reunion was a success with 74 folks attending.  Various numbers were at the dinner, on the tours, and visited the hill.  A replica of the Field Station Berlin commemorative plaque was installed in the Teufelsberg guard shack.  Hopes are a bronze version will replace it in the future.  A duplicate of the plaque was donated to the Allied Museum.

Sincere thanks to:

-  Jeff Gammon who has been reunion organizer extraordinaire since 1996;

-  Author T.H.E. Hill who donated various items and played a significant role in designing the plague.

-  Berlin vet scouts who were very helpful in determining venues and events.

-  Irish sculptor Brendan Jamison for his interest in Field Station Berlin and those who served there that led to his exhibition in Berlin.

Click here for pictures from the reunion.  Identification information for those known is in the upper right corner of the screen for each picture. 

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